Business Continuity

A Disaster Befalling Your Organisation Is a Matter of ‘When,’ not ‘If’

Get secure, automated data backups so nothing can bring your business down.

If some unforeseen calamity like a fire, flood, burglary, or even sabotage damages your office or equipment, insurance is available to pay to get it fixed, but what about your vital business data? Losing data could mean catastrophic losses in productivity, customer trust, and profits. In the worst-case scenario, your business might never recover. Business Continuity Services from Renovatio not only replicate and safely store copies of your important data, but they also make your data and applications swiftly recoverable so a disaster never keeps your business down for long.

Our technicians will implement an automatic backup system that replicates your data regularly, without compromising computing power, and then stores it safely on local drives or at a secure data centre that is hardened against all kinds of disasters. Renovatio business continuity specialists will regularly test your backups for integrity, security, and recoverability so everything will be as it was before. If (and, realistically, when) an emergency strikes, you’ll be ready to bounce back quickly.

Automated backup solutions that ensure your business bounces back fast, no matter what disaster befalls it.

Renovatio’s Business Continuity services protect you in case of:
  • Fire
  • Flood or Other Water Damage
  • Electrical Surge/Power Outage
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Burglary/Vandalism
  • Intentional Sabotage
  • Virus or Other Cybercrime
  • And Much More...