Cyber Security Services

88% of UK Organisations Reported Suffering a Data Breach Last Year

Renovatio will protect your vital systems and data so you don’t become yet another statistic.

Many SMEs rely on off-the-shelf cyber security programs to defend their systems from hackers, scammers, and other cyber criminals. This underspending is precisely why SMEs are the number one target for these criminals, as every year, over 60% of SMEs experience some form of cyber-attack. Nothing leaves you more vulnerable to this type of crime than the attitude of ‘that will never happen to me.’ SME owners who cut corners with outdated and weak network defenses are the prime target of these hackers, who are always developing new ways to attack businesses. Employ Renovatio’s professional cyber services to keep them at bay.

Our cyber security experts have years of industry experience. To defend your systems, we employ advanced monitoring tools and firewalls to restrict access, and fast-acting anti-malware software to quarantine dangerous programs before they can do lasting damage. We’ll also put countermeasures in place that protect your data and systems from lesser-known, but highly effective, cyber-attack methods, such as spam email that will scam your unwitting employees.

Our security experts will implement cutting-edge network and data defenses and watch for intrusions 24/7.

Renovatio’s cyber security services protect you from:
  • Viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, ransomware, and other malware
  • Dangerous spam messages that clog up your inbox
  • Social engineering scams designed to trick employees into giving away confidential information
  • Outdated and vulnerable software and hardware; we’ll ensure everything is updated correctly
  • Careless vendors and third parties that mismanage their access to your systems